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Environmentally Friendly

OvenSure is environmentally friendly, we not only use non caustic solutions that do not contaminate the environment when we dispose of them, but we also actively seek to use products that are better for the planet. Cruelty free and biodegradable, giving the future generations the best chance and not damaging the environment we enjoy.

Ever thought what happens to that sponge after you disposed of it, we have, so we use compostable sponges. We also use recycled paper, coconut scourers and glass refillable bottles. We will continue to try and find new ways to protect our environment whilst giving your oven the perfect shine.

How often should I have my oven cleaned this way?

This will differ per household.  It depends on how often you use your oven and what you prefer to cook.  Whilst high temperatures can kill bacteria, a dirty oven will affect the ovens performance.  That layer of grease will lead to bad odours, affecting taste and in extreme circumstances creating a fire hazard.

Does my self-cleaning oven need a professional clean?

Simple answer is yes.  Self-cleaning ovens have been around since the 60s and
there are many different types.  They all have the same idea of heating the oven to a high temperature to burn off the grease and grime.  Heat does a good job of burning off this grime but the bi-product of this process is
smoke and smell.  There will also be the effort required to remove that remaining burnt on grime.  Self-cleaning also does not give that same deep clean that a professional clean provides, as we are able to get to the hidden areas by removing parts, including door seals, edges and glass that a self-clean cannot reach.

How long does it take?

Each oven is different, but on average it takes around 2 hours. Factors to consider are that a larger range oven will take longer than a single oven. Also the amount of dirt will impact the time taken to clean. However, we do not charge hourly prices, and instead offer a fixed price up front. Please do not take this as a challenge to create the worlds dirtiest oven.

Is there anything I have to do?

All we ask is you don't use your oven whilst our technician their head in it!  Our solutions are non-caustic and you should only get a light citrus fruit fragrance during the cleaning process.  Due to our solutions being bio-degradable and non-corrosive your oven can be used straight away.

What our customers say about us?

Paul from Ovensure did a fantastic job cleaning my double oven. He was on time, very neat and tidy and cleaned everything away once finished. Would definitely use him again and highly recommend Ovensure for your ovens!!!!


Used Ovensure on a recommendation from a friend and can’t praise them highly enough. The technician was professional and polite. Undertook a clean of a range cooker which, had never been professionally cleaned, and is now like new. Will definitely be using again!


Paul arrived promptly and cheerfully, examined the ovens and explained what he was going to do. He cleaned the ovens thoroughly, removing doors and side panels where needed. The cleaned ovens looked immaculate, as good as new.
This was excellent service and I thoroughly recommend OvenSure to clean your oven.


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